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      攜手發展 同創雙贏

      Located in Chenbao Xinghua, a clean air and water town, Taizhou Jinying covers a total area about 20,000m3, building area for 15,000m3; 250 employee and 30 technicians.

      We adopt international standard of silica solution shell-making process and introduce a complete set production line from rough casting to finish machined part manufacturing. Possess complete testing means, including advanced spectrum analyzer and X-ray detection from Germany; CMM dimensional checking equipment from Swiss. Has strong technical force, with introducing scientific research talents as well as inviting famous casting specialist from university as our technical consultant. Awarded ISO9001and IAFT 16949 certificates and has right of import and export business; our guideline: construct a completive quality management system and meet the expectations and trust of customer and partnership.

      With introducing home and abroad all categories of NC turning and CNC equipment, the main service for Jinying is investment casting as well as machining to auto parts manufacturing, and export to grand auto parts manufacturing group in Japan, America and Europe country, and get high reputations; accessories used in the field of domestic imported textile machinery, sewing machine, stainless steel ball valve, hardware, medical equipment, petrochemistry, mine tools, engineering machinery, railway vehicles. 

      We genuinely hope for the cooperation from friends of various circles and get a mutually brilliant future.